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If you would like me to review your book, please contact me on the form below.


Reviews provided on:

  1. YouTube as a short (1 minute doodle video with your cover)

  2. TikTok (Same video as YouTube)

  3. This site

  4. Goodreads (same text as on this site)

Review Policy:

  • I review fantasy in all formats. 

  • I will consider science fiction but no hard science fiction please.

  • I will accept erotica, if the sex furthers the plot. No porn please.

  • My reviews focus on world building.

Formats I will accept:

  • PDFs

  • Mobi/epubs

  • Audio books (mp3 only please)

  • Paperback (if you're willing to ship to Finland)

Indie Book Review Request

Thanks for submitting!

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