The Hidden Blade

10 September 2021

Sangwheel Chronicles Book 1.

For the first time in the history of the Empire of Lumiaron, a ducal line has failed. The last duke of Etendulat has died and none of his heirs have undertaken the Trials of Dusang.

Civil war looms as nobles of the Empire jockey to lay claim to the rich farmlands at the heart of the Blutben penninsula. 

Into this fraught situation, Louis is sent to end the ambitions of Tybalt du Mamel, Baron of Somfaux who would reach for the Etendulat Sash. With every step he takes, he uncovers more of a dangerous plot that is poised to strike at the heart of the Empire. Forbidden magic dogs his steps and he will ultimately have to answer the dire question: Can he take the life of a innocent for the greater good?

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