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Welcome to the Gateway of Imagination

Welcome to a haven for dreamers and storytellers alike. Home to my epic fantasy novels, this is where imagination takes flight. Check out worksheets to guide you through world building, my YouTube channel, fantasy books, podcast on writing, blog and more...


My Writing

Do you like epic fantasy? Or perhaps science fantasy is more your thing? Or maybe you have a taste for fairies...

Find all that in my books.

Building Worlds

Interested in word building? Check out my YouTube channel for a plethora of videos on the topic. There are a myriad of videos available for free and more to come, but there are also member exclusive videos, so consider joining the channel. 

Joining the channel will also give you access to all my world building worksheets, which you'll be able to download on this site. These worksheets will guide you in creating your world and will be great entries to your "world building bible".

But perhaps you're looking for specific services. You can contract me to help you world build via my Ko-Fi services.

You can also purchase individual world building worksheets in my Ko-Fi Shop

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Releasing your Inner Dragon

Interested in writing? Listen to award winning author Maxwell Alexander Drake and renowned world builder Marie M. Mullany talk about writing fantasy. New episodes every week on all major podcast platforms.

Worldbuilding Blueprints

Perhaps your looking for a more structured approach to worldbuilding than my YouTube videos. If so, I suggest you listen to my monthly podcast Worldbuilding Blueprints, available on YouTube or any of the other podcast platforms. This podcast aims to guide you through step by step world building. Each season of the podcast will close out with a book that collects the information of the podcast as well as a series of worksheets in one easy to digest and use resource. As the books are published, links to them will be added to this site.

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About Me

Interested in who I am? Check out the About Me page or dive into my blog where I do occasional review posts or write about writing or just generally share my thoughts.

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