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Writing & World Building

Welcome to my site. I am working on my epic fantasy series, Sangwheel Chronicles. Books one and two are widely available as paperbacks, e-books and audio books.

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I blog about writing, reading and my world. I also do book reviews of both self-published and traditional authors.

I love fantasy world building and I have a YouTube channel dedicated to that. I release new videos every Tuesday & Saturday on the topic of world building. 

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Coming Soon: Second Edition of The Hidden Blade and a hardback copy with new artwork!

About Me

I wrote my first book at eighteen but it was terrible. So I stopped writing for a long time and instead I played roleplaying games as a creative outlet (DnD, Legend of the Five Rings, Live Action, you name it, I probably played it).
In the world of roleplaying, I learnt how to build a good world. A world with plot hooks and realistic societies. A world that's more than just background scenery.
Now that I'm approaching writing for the second time, I'm bringing that experience in world building and I believe my writing is all the better for it.
I would like to take you on my journey of world building through my YouTube videos.

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