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Welcome to my site! I am an aspiring author working on my epic fantasy series, Sangwheel Chronicles. I will release some teaser fiction over the coming months for my first book, The Hidden Blade. Sign up for news about book releases upcoming this year.  For more details about my world, check out my world anvil site for the Empire of Lumiaron.

I blog about writing, reading and my world. I also do book reviews of both self-published and traditional authors.

I love fantasy world building and I have a YouTube channel dedicated to that. I release new videos every Tuesday & Friday on the topic of world building. My book reviews also include a one minute video about the book I am reviewing.

The Hidden Blade!


The Hidden Blade is available for pre-order via Amazon: The Hidden Blade on Amazon

It will be availble in Kindle Unlimited on 10 September 2021.

There will also be a print & audio book available.

You can read the prologue and first 3 chapters on Wattpad now! The Hidden Blade on Wattpad

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I wrote my first book at eighteen but it was terrible. So I stopped writing for a long time and instead I played roleplaying games as a creative outlet (DnD, Legend of the Five Rings, Live Action, you name it, I probably played it).
In the world of roleplaying, I learnt how to build a good world. A world with plot hooks and realistic societies. A world that's more than just background scenery.
Now that I'm approaching writing for the second time, I'm brining that experience in world building and I believe my writing is all the better for it.
I would like to take you on my journey of world building through my YouTube videos.

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