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Sangwheel Chronicles

In the world of Sangwheel, magic is real, and politics can be deadly. The Sangwheel Chronicles is an epic fantasy saga that explores how the past can shape the present.

The Hidden Blade

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In a realm where politics can be deadlier than any blade, the assassin Louis is caught in a web of intrigue and forbidden magic, tasked with ending a treacherous plot against the Empire. As the fate of Etendulat hangs in the balance, can he sacrifice an innocent for the greater good? Dive into Sangwheel Chronicles and uncover the thrilling stakes of "The Hidden Blade."

The Lion Vessel

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Prophecy and power collide amidst the rising flames of rebellion in the Empire of Lumiaron. Journey with Naira, whose fated encounter with Louis sparks a quest for salvation, and Prince Alund, who must shoulder the empire's destiny against a usurper's dark ambitions. Brace for a tale woven with the threads of destiny and defiance, where each turn of the page is a step closer to an empire's reckoning or its rebirth.

The Ducal Heir

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Amidst the looming shadows of civil war, Louis confronts the encroaching darkness of Lumeaux. In the distant red dunes of Kisangi, prophecy beckons to Naira, Balancer of the Order of the Threesome. As ancient secrets threaten to unravel the heart of the Lumiaron Empire, destiny and treachery intertwine. Will they survive the sinister conspiracies and the power of Sang Sorcellerie? Return to the world of Sangwheel Chronicles to find out!

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