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My name is Marie, and I love building worlds...

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My Story

At the tender age of eighteen, I penned my very first book - but it was far from a masterpiece. Disheartened, I let the keyboard rest and instead delved headfirst into the world of roleplaying games. Dungeons and Dragons, Legend of the Five Rings, Live Action - you name it, I played it.

In these immersive and fantastical realms, I discovered my passion for world-building - crafting intricate, multi-layered worlds with societies that felt real and plot hooks that left players on the edge of their seats.

Now, as I re-emerge onto the writing scene, I'm excited to bring my world-building experience to the forefront. My stories are richer, more dynamic and more engaging because of it. I'm thrilled to take you on my journey through my YouTube videos - exploring the art of world-building and sharing my passion for creating immersive and captivating universes.

So come join me on this adventure and take your own journey into world building!

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