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Edit, more edit and editing...

This week has been hectic. I attended a writer's conference and based on the feedback, went on an editing spree to change the start of my book. The first three chapters are unrecognizable now. I think it makes the book a much better read, but it's a lot of work.

I was also looking at the tempo of my second act and realised that I'm packing too much activity into a single day. So now I'm editing that too. No doubt once I've finished with that edit, I'll realize there's something in the closing sections that's not right either.

Does editing ever end? :D

It has resulted in some additional world building, including writing a shanty which the river barge men sing as they travel on the rivers of the Empire.

You can read that here: The River Barge Way

I also added ancient tale of the arrival of the Consang people in the Blutben penninsula. It's called The Tale of the Beginnings. Super original I know.

Lastly, on the YouTube front, I released my latest video. This week's video is all about how to make a ubiquitous magic feel real to people who are consuming your world.

I also released a short video, covering Allomancy, the magic system of Brandon Sanderson, in one minute.

On Friday I'll discuss in detail how you build a magic system. And hopefully by then this round of edits will be complete :)

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