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So I needed a way to introduce my lancer character in The Hidden Blade. He's a very combat orientated character so I introduced him by means of a jousting tournament. But the more I thought about it, the more I didn't like it for my world.

I had this magic system based on people being able to perform anime moves because they can manipulate their own bodies. The lancer is an absolute expert at this form of combat. And I use jousting to introduce him?


Okay, so how to fix it?

Well, I invited a sport that highlights that very anime style of magic.

The ancient sport of elyas is a combat sport played on a field thirty paces long and wide. The chamciel, as it is called, is divided into thirds. Five wooden poles of varying lengths with platforms mounted on them are placed in each third, giving the chevaliers additional vertical areas for combat. By tradition, no dusang skills are to be used in elyas, but all forms of habi are allowed. The chevaliers fight without armor, trusting in the skill of their opponent to not deal a death blow. A contest is considered over if a chevalier yields or is so injured that he needs to use remy to continue. Most chevaliers yield before it came to that.

The Field - Chamchiel

The field that elyas is played on is called the chamciel. It is divided into thirds and in each third is set 5 poles, topped with square meter platforms. The poles are of varying lengths.

That sounds way better! And then I commissioned this piece of art for Louis (my main character) and Roul / Falk (the lancer) having a friendly bout of elyas (Roul wins). (Roul is the black guy with the blond hair)

If you want to know more about creating fantasy sport or even using real world sport in a fantasy setting, check out my video on the topic:

The Hidden Blade is complete complete, I'm currently debating the merits of traditional vs self-publishing. One way or another, it will be published by December / January 2022

In the meantime, I've started writing book 2: The Ducal Heir.

And of course, work on the YouTube channel continues!

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Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith
May 02, 2023

Hi! Not to notice the quality of your video, it is immediately clear that you are recording on a professional camera. I also recently bought one for myself, I want to ask you which video converter you use from this list if it's here to upload it to YouTube?

Marie Mullany
Marie Mullany
May 02, 2023
Replying to

Hi There! I use CyberLink PowerDirector 365 and it reads all the video files in their native format. Works great.

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