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SPFBO Update

It's been an insanely busy time with the release of Ducal Heir. Among other things, I entered SPFBO 8, which isn't much work on my side, but it is nerve wrecking.

The blog my book was assigned to picked The Hidden Blade for a full review, you can read it here: Lynn's Books Reviews

This line in the review made me so proud: I think the first thing that really struck me about the story was the strength of the world building and the way information is parsed to the reader so easily. The author has beautifully crafted a well thought out world, an empire with Duchies and nobles, barons and merchants, all feeding into the wealth of the places.

As a world builder, that made me positively giddy.

If you're interested in checking out my books, they're free until Tuesday 4 October on Amazon: Sangwheel Chronicles

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