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The Ducal Heir

It seems surreal, but The Hidden Blade is published. Fully published, available as a print, ebook and audio book and is being consumed by the public.

Most of my ARC reviewers responses to me included words like: I need the next book!

For those of you in that position, I have good news. The Ducal Heir is alpha draft complete, clocking in at 116 thousand words. The bad news is that, unless you're a beta reader, release will only be in September 2022 :)

Of course TDH is not the end, not even close. I'll start publishing teaser from Heir over the course of the next year as review and editing happens and of course, I'll be working on the as yet untitled book 3!

I do have one interesting update about the world and that is the creation of this vessel:

This is a kar-karang. It is used by the inhabitants of the Sunroad Archipelago to traverse the dangerous reefs of their seas, being one of the few boats with a shallow enough draft to make it over the coral without getting the bottom ripped out.

This outrigger style vessel is loosely based on the double hulled canoes used by the Polynesian people of the pacific islands.

You can check out more on my thoughts on ships in my YouTube video on the topic:

And that's my thoughts for September! I hope you enjoy The Hidden Blade, please do share a review if you've read it.

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