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The Ducal Heir

I honestly think I have vastly improved as a writer between the two books. Between the podcast and participation on Critique Circle, I have learned a great deal about the craft of writing.

This book also sees my first foray into multiple POV, with the introduction of Naira, Balancer of the Order of the Threesome from the continent of Kisangi. I love Kisangi. Unlike the Empire, which is a little monolithic for reasons that should become clear in this book, Kisangi is diverse.

They all have the Three Gods, but there are multiple sects and conflicting myths and just all kinds of fun and games! Also, who doesn't love giant riding snakes?

For the world building, I drew heavily on the Aksumite Empire and its successor state, the Ethiopian Empire, as well as other African classical and medieval period states.

I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it

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