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The Ducal Heir

Amidst the looming shadows of civil war, Louis confronts the encroaching darkness of Lumeaux. In the distant red dunes of Kisangi, prophecy beckons to Naira, Balancer of the Order of the Threesome. As ancient secrets threaten to unravel the heart of the Lumiaron Empire, destiny and treachery intertwine. Will they survive the sinister conspiracies and the power of Sang Sorcellerie? Return to the world of Sangwheel Chronicles to find out!

The older the secret, the more dangerous its revelation.

In the far north, Louis and Roul prepare to confront the darkness seeping through Lumeaux, the Jewel of Lumiaron. The machinations of Brice Rennaurd, Shadow Master to the Emperor, continue to grow in scope and ambition, and the specter of civil war looms over the Empire.

A world away, Naira follows the dream of her left-hand husband into the red dunes of the Cidan Mashada, where the scent of prophecy awaits them.

As two worlds converge, the spiderweb of conspiracy entangles all and knives glint like malicious sneers in the shadows. For at the heart of the Lumiaron Empire lies a secret so sinister, that its keepers would consort even with the dire power of
Sang Sorcellerie to preserve it.

Plunge into the epic tale as Louis readies himself to face his enemy and Naira answers to Fate itself!

What Others are saying:

This is the sequel to The Hidden Blade and definitely ups the stakes significantly. Instead of only following the POV of Louis, the main protagonist, this book now follows multiple POVs as they weave their own stories that slowly draw together for the climax of the book. The storytelling feels richer and more complex, and each of the character perspectives has a unique voice and flavour. The worldbuilding is expansive and full of flavour. The story is very compelling and I was sad to reach the end and realise that book 3 of the series isn't out yet. I can't wait! - Goodreads Review

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