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The Hidden Blade

In a realm where politics can be deadlier than any blade, the assassin Louis is caught in a web of intrigue and forbidden magic, tasked with ending a treacherous plot against the Empire. As the fate of Etendulat hangs in the balance, can he sacrifice an innocent for the greater good? Dive into Sangwheel Chronicles and uncover the thrilling stakes of "The Hidden Blade."

How far will commitment to his liege take the assassin Louis?

The bluron’s wings delivers a stark command of death as the Empire teeters on the edge of a most uncivil war. For the first time in Her long history, a ducal line has failed. The last duke of Etendulat is dead and none of his heirs have undertaken the Trials of Dusang. The wealth of farmlands that lies at the heart of the Blutben peninsula lack a ruler and greedy men circle the bountiful plains.
Into this high stakes game, Louis is sent to end the ambitions of Tybalt du Mamel, Baron of Somfaux, who would reach for the Etendulat Sash. With every step, he uncovers more of a treacherous plot that is poised to strike at the heart of the Empire. Forbidden magic shadows him and ultimately he must make a dire decision: Can he take the life of an innocent for the greater good?

The Hidden Blade is the first book in an exciting new fantasy series. If you like epic fantasy with strong world building, a plot that stretches from the past to the future, human characters with human flaws and realistic magic, this book is for you!

Plunge headlong into the world of Sangwheel Chronicles to learn what happens when the subtle game of politics turns deadly, start reading The Hidden Blade today!

What others are saying:

"The Hidden Blade is one of those rare gems you find in the Independent Publishing arena. Well written, imaginative, with great characters and a wonderful story." - Maxwell Alexander Drake, creative writing teacher & author.

"A rich and sumptuous brooding fantasy treat. Not to be missed." - Caldon Mull, author.

"Fantasy can be a tough genre--making both an engrossing world and characters that a reader really cares about is a hard balance that most authors struggle with. Mullany, however, excels at both. The world is vibrant and creative, with a feeling of depth and history that is shown in hints rather than pages on pages of exposition. The characters are human and relatable and, perhaps most importantly, adults." - Kathleen Reedy, Goodreads Review

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