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The Lion Vessel


Prophecy and power collide amidst the rising flames of rebellion in the Empire of Lumiaron. Journey with Naira, whose fated encounter with Louis sparks a quest for salvation, and Prince Alund, who must shoulder the empire's destiny against a usurper's dark ambitions. Brace for a tale woven with the threads of destiny and defiance, where each turn of the page is a step closer to an empire's reckoning or its rebirth.

Prophecy and rebellion ignite a race for ultimate power.

In the heart of the tumultuous Empire of Lumiaron, Naira has at last been united with the scent of the cup-flower, personified in the assassin, Louis. A hidden faith whispers her name, singing songs of prophecies that tell of a savior. As her destiny unfolds, Naira must grapple with her role and the will of the Gods.

Power has shifted. The once-shadowy figure of Brice Rennaurd now wears the Emperor's face and sits upon his throne. He is not content with political might and reaches for a greater prize with bloody hands. Only the rebel dukes stand between Rennaurd and the Blood Gate.
But men cannot follow three leaders. Enter Alund, the Imperial Prince, a figure of hope amidst chaos. The purpure sash lies heavy on his chest, and empires demand a cost. Will Alund rise to the occasion or crumble under the weight of rebellion?

Isabella continues her journey under Herself's tutelage, overcoming her blindness with a burgeoning power. For her too, the Gods have plans and her youth is no barrier to Their demands.

In the third installation of the Sangwheel Chronicles, old and new faces converge, and the sparks of rebellion ignite the empire. As prophecy intertwines with politics, only one thing is certain - the empire will never be the same.

Join Louis, Naira, Alund, and Isabella as they navigate a world teetering on the edge of change in The Lion Vessel. Uncover the secrets that lie in wait, the faith hidden beneath years of silence, and the power that could either save or shatter an empire.

Can our heroes protect the people against Brice Rennaurd? Or will th
ey be swept away in the storm? Prepare yourself for a tale of prophecy, rebellion, and the undeniable power of belief. Immerse yourself in The Lion Vessel today!

Released in 2023

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