• Marie Mullany

Agile World Building

This month I will be examining how to deal with changes to the world. I build my worlds in an iterative fashion.

What does that mean? It means that I change my world as required, but I keep each change as simple as possible.

In the first video available on my YouTube channel (Using Agile to World Build), I discuss how to use the Agile software project management principles and apply them to world building. I use the specific example how my magic system changed because of my new requirements.

As part of this, I have published the first 6 chapters of my book to this site, you can read them here:

I have also published the my magic system as it currently stands to my World Anvil space, you can view that on World Anvil:

Next week, I'll discuss how physically visiting a place similar to your world locations can change how you think about your world.

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