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Book Review: King Arthur: His Lore, His Legend, and His Love

I'm not normally a huge Arthurian fan, but this was well done. Rodriguez brings a fresh perspective by focusing on the coming-of-age journey of key characters like Arthur, Guinevere, and Merlin. The mystical elements of the original legend are used well to enhance the universal themes of growth and self-discovery. Rodriguez is particularly strong in character development, and each character's personal journey is relevant to the story.

Arthur's growth especially forms the backbone of the narrative. His development is not just about accepting his role as a king but also about understanding and embracing the responsibilities that come with it. This transformation is portrayed through his interactions, inner reflections, and his gradual acceptance of his destiny.

The language used in telling the tale is both poetic and accessible, which enhanced the setting in my opinion.

My only complaint is that in the middle there are a few uneven moments with the pacing and there were a few chapters that read a little slow. That being said, it certainly didn't drag so much that I struggled to finish the story!

I highly recommend to all fans of fantasy and especially Arthurian and myth based fantasy.

I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. This book is available on Amazon: King Arthur: His Lore, His Legend, and his Love: Rodriguez, Andres, Peterson, Bradley: 9798559011066: Books

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