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And finally, The Hidden Blade is done!

It's gone to the ARC reviewers to a so far positive response. It's also available on presale order here: The Hidden Blade by Marie M. Mullany

The cover art is I think spectacular

So that's one down, quite a few to go to get this story told! The actual release date is 10 Sept 2021.

In the meantime, the world building continues on Just In Time Worlds, I've completed interviews with James Sutter and Maxwell Alexander Drake, both of whom were great to speak with!

My favorite video in this time was probably this one:

The research into marriage and inheritance models that have existed in our path was fascinating and led me to conclude that if a fantasy author wants to build an equal gender society without handwaving, the base wealth of the society can't be land or you have to change the way humans have babies and free woman from the "one child in nine months" physical model.

Work on the Ducal Heir continues. I think it's a better book than the Hidden Blade, simply because I'm a better writer after The Hidden Blade than I was before. The temptation to go and re-write Blade is strong, but I will resist. At some point, one must put the work out there and just let it stand. I am at that point.

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