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Creating creatures

So this week I've been on a kick to create creatures for my world. First, I need a means to send messages that weren't magic per se and weren't humans carrying messages. Second, I needed some more fantastical elements in my world. It was just not fantasy enough.

So for messengers, I leaned on my magic system (check out a 1 minute explanation of my magic system)

And I created the Bluron Messenger Hawks, commonly called Bluron Birds.

You can read a full description of the birds over here on my world anvil site: Bluron Birds

The basic premise of the birds is that they ingest blood and can then find the person whose blood they have ingested. So this solved my first problem.

I still felt that I lacked some fantastical elements. I already had the Nappan beast but I felt that I was missing at least one more useful magical beast. So building on the Nappan (which is a scorpion like insect, I decided to make another oversized insect, this one would be able to dig canals.

This is my Gravastor and nobles native to the region where it lives learn a special kind of Habi skill called the Skabra Dance that allows them to call to the gravastors and lure them dig canals to enable the humans to connect cities together by river barge.

And that's what I've been up to this week! On the YouTube front, I also released my latest video, this one is my take on building magic systems:

This video ends my magic theme for this month. Next theme: Economics in a Fantasy World!

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