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Geography Matters

I created my world back in March of 2020. In the creation process, I set most of the northern Duchy beyond the arctic circle. I defined the people there as more or less the same as the rest of the Empire.

In December of 2020, I visited Lapland, a province in Finland that is beyond the arctic circle. It changed everything about the province of Laroche. On the basis of that visit, I created a new people (the Rullara) and gave them a unique flavor of magic (spoilers so I won't reveal that magic yet).

In my latest YouTube Video, I detail the changes that the physical experience of the artic circle caused and how I incorporate those changes. Please do give it a watch and like and subscribe while you're there!

I have published the first 6 chapters of my book to this site, you can read them here:

Next Friday, I'll be talking about how learning new facts about our world can make changes to your world.

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