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Magic and Politics make for an explosive mix

If you give an individual the ability to call down thunder and lightning. To summon the very elements and to command the laws of the nature to sit down and shut up. How do you prevent them from becoming king?

Maybe you don't. Maybe instead you just let them be king and be done with it? Or maybe you counter their power by magic forbidden? But then, what's the point of having magic?

In my video on Magic, Politics and the impact magic has government models, I try to address those very questions.

You can check it all out here:

I discuss the impact magic has, building that impact out to general model and I give you four strategies for dealing with that impact.

In my own world, the Empire of Lumiaron, I chose to employ two strategies. All my high nobles, my five dukes and my emperor, they all have access to Dusang. My lesser nobles tend to have access to Habi.

My highest form of magic is called Sang Sorcellerie and it's a form of Blood Magic. And how I've controlled that is that I've made that forbidden. Knowledge of Sang Sorcellerie and of course its use, carries a death sentence.

I've written three articles about magic here: Magic in Lumiaron and you can read all about my Dukes over here: Ducal Rank in Lumiaron

How would you prevent magic from being the only political force in your world?

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