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The Evolution of a Government

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

During the initial creation process of my world, I created an extremely simple government structure. Nobles ruled, everyone else drooled in essence. Once my hero started interacting with the local government, this structure started bothering me. It's a too rigid to stand the test of time, but I had my empire an old one. So definitely the government needed to change.

I'm very into Roman history, so I drew from my knowledge of the Roman Republic to build a much more sustainable government (after all, the Republic survived five hundred years before Ceaser pulled a dictator on it).

I explain exactly how Rome influenced my thinking in my latest video here:

Please do like and subscribe on YouTube, otherwise the algorithm drags the video out back and buries the body under all the other content available on YouTube! You can read about my "people's champion" here on World Anvil: Empire of Lumarion

This video raps up my first theme in world building, which was evolving your world as you need it. My next theme is Building Immersive Cultures: Entertainment! The videos I release on this topic will cover things like gambling, entertainment content and how to use it and sports and games from before.

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Remember that released the first 6 chapters of my book right here on my website, if you've read it, please let me know what you thought!

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